“You should not be in contact with any living thing being shit”


Five fingers is not enough to find yourself. This is the law of life. Geniuses have special miracles. They can invention a bomb by one foot, but the ordinary people losers, they lose the advantages they think about it at the stubbornness moment! Llewyn Davis was need to accept a new partner to keep his work safely. His old partner committed suicide, he get pessimism from the idea of participation. He sits next to people he does not like to talk to them. Some mistakes unforgivable. Jeane betrayed her man with Llewyn one day, then get pregnant. She blame only LIwyn but she does not recognize the treason..she even do not feel of error, any error. LIwn..the kindness musician LIwyn lost between his mistakes. Lost in the harsh winter without a serious help from the producers and contractors that he signed with them in order to distribute his amazing album “ Inside LIwyn Davis” .

When others abandon their duty for the money, the kindness and talented people are lost the fair life..just in easy way.



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